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This is about project possibility for the LVAs SEPM (Software Engineering & Projectmanagent) and ASE (Advanced Software Engineering).

How is this going to run

Send a mail to and give me your information or contact the organisers of your course to tell me about your intention. You will be in your normal SEPM/ASE cycle with weekly meetings with your tutors. I will join biweekly to see what is happening. Organisation differs in no way from all other SEPM/ASE groups.

SEPM - Structured XML Compare

Comparison of XML Files on text basis is often not sufficient. For Example if you setup a project from an example and then edit xml configuration files after some time the one from the example and your will differ considerably. Now if the example is updated and you want to copy the changes into your configuration files it is hard, because text based comparison will not really help you. The solution for this is to structurally compare the xml files after they are sorted.


  • Two xml files are loaded, sorted, compared and changes can be copied from one to another
  • Sort Order is defined by a profile for different xml file types
    • All Tags are sorted in alphabetical order first
    • Sorting happens only in presentation. The actual XML is not sorted.
    • XPATH can be provided for tags and tags are sorted by result of xpath. If we now take the xpath "child::name" for the child nodes as sort parameter the one with child1 will be shown above the child tag where the name is child2. This way tags can be sorted by their content arbitrarily.
   <source lang=xml>
  • Implementation as library, so it can be used with different GUI's.
  • GUI implementation with comparison view and profile manager.
  • Profiles can be created by loading an xml and clicking the profile together in GUI
  • Profiles and other data is stored in a local database to be retrieved easily and can be exported.
  • Comparison Editor unfolds the xml to show the differences.


Standard tools used in SEPM (Java, Maven, Spring, Hsqldb, ...).

ASE - Productivity boost with Shortcuts

One of the best ways to speed up your productivity with todays software is by using shortcuts. Nearly every tool supports a wide range of shortcuts for doing different tasks quickly. The problem is most users don't know about them, or don't know how to effectively use them. The solution for this is Web Application that not only stores the shortcut information, but guides people through the tools. By implementing the Application with the tools provided by Google App Engine you will also learn to quickly write and deploy applications and to use the tools provided by google.


  • Upload information regarding shortcuts in different tools
  • Tools and Shortcuts can be compared (what does ctrl-g do in this tool, or which shortcut is "Search" in this tool)
  • Cheat-Sheet generation -> You select which shortcuts and which tools should be on the Cheatsheet and it is created for you.
  • Integration with Youtube to have short videos explaining the shortcuts.
  • Users can create tutorials and courses for different tools to make it easy for others to learn the shortcuts


  • Django Web Framework (Python)
  • Deployed on Google App Engine for easy and fast development
  • Ajax exstensively

What happens to the projects after the semester

They should be released as free software to make it possible for everyone to develop them further. Our goal is to keep the projects going and have some developers (hopefully from the groups) to develop the applications further.