Meeting 33

Aus Java Student User Group Austria - Java + JVM in Wien Österreich / Vienna Austria
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Markus Plesser and Daniel Lichtenberger will present Flexive, an open source next-generation Java EE content repository.

It provides a stable and fast store for your documents, images, and structured data. It can be embedded in your Java EE application or manage data as a standalone server through interfaces like CMIS and WebDAV.

Markus will at first present the architecture and then Daniel will give some examples on how to use flexive for your project.

The presentation will be held in german.

Getting Real

Gabriel Grill will present Getting Real:

Getting Real is the business, design, programming, and marketing philosophies of 37signals, a developer of web-based software used by over 1 million people and businesses in 70 countries.

37signals is the company behind Ruby on Rails and Basecamp, a very successful project management tool.