Meeting 27

Aus Java Student User Group Austria - Java + JVM in Wien Österreich / Vienna Austria
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  • When: Monday, April 12th, 2010 - 7pm
  • Where: FH HS4


WebServices with Java and .Net

Speaker: Jan Zarnikov, a member of the Java Student User Group will show how to build a simple WebService - both the server and the client part - in three different technologies:

  • Java with JAX-WS
  • Java with Apache Axis2
  • C# with .Net

After the demos there will be a short discussion about the pros and cons of the three technologies.

Webservices with Ruby + Apache Thrift

Martin Schürrer will show how to interact with the previously created WebServices with Ruby (ActionWebService) and Apache Thrift, as well as show how to create WebServices with these technologies.

Prime Factors Code Kata

Peter Kofler a.k.a. Code Cop

Peter Kofler will show the

  • Prime Factors Code Kata with Java as shown by Uncle Bob some years ago
  • together with some pointed remarks while coding.
  • We may discuss the usefulness of katas afterwards.
  • This is a approx. 15 minutes demo, (almost) no slides.

Slides, Code

The kata is part of a presentation about Code Quality Assurance given at the FH Technikum Wien, February 2010. Slides and example code are available there.