Meeting 12

Aus Java Student User Group Austria - Java + JVM in Wien Österreich / Vienna Austria
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When: Monday, March 2nd, 2009 - 19:00 (end approx. 21:00)

Where: Freihaus HS4

Download the introduction slides (pdf, 120KB).

Project Offers

If you are interested in any of these offers just drop us a line (

  1. Job offert as JEE developer in Vienna
  2. Get in touch with open source projects (Castor, Cocoon; Advanced Software Engineering)
  3. Extending the ServiceEnabler tool - Accessing Web Sites as Web Services
  4. Hoppla - Backup and migration tool (ASE, bakk-arbeit, dipl-arbeit, ... whatever)
  5. OSUM 2.0 - Replacing Sun Microsystem's current social network software
  6. Robotics with Lego Mindstorm and Java - An art project


FOSS projects at the Vienna University of Technology

Castor - Student projects

By Werner Guttmann.

Cocoon 3 - Student projects

Download the slides (pdf, 73KB).

By Reinhard Pötz and Steven Dolg.

Cocoon Project - StAX and the pipeline

Download the slides (pdf, 251KB).

By Andreas Piber.

JDO Extensions for the XML Code Generator

Download the slides (pdf, 184KB).

By Lukas Lang.

Accessing Web Sites as Web Services

Download the slides (pdf, 502KB).
Download the project documentation (pdf, 0.3MB).

By Andreas Hubmer.

Hoppla - Small and Home Office Backup and Migration

Download the slides (pdf, 289KB).

Hoppla not only has backup capability, but also migrates your files if the format they are stored in is old and will therefore soon be lost. Migration is done automatically by using the installed applications on the computer of the user or downloading migration tools from a dedicated web service.

Hoppla is developed by the IFS Group at the TU - Vienna. It is also embedded in a big european project

By Florian Motlik and Petar Petrov.

TIM aka EPROG2 with Ruby on Rails

Screenshot of the exercises overview

Download the slides (pdf, 2.34MB).

New Webapplication for EPROG VL, written in Ruby on Rails.


  1. Short introduction to Ruby on Rails. Content depending on audience feedback.
  2. Working with Rails, what we did, how we did it.
  3. Lessons learned. When to choose Rails, when not to choose Rails.

By Martin Schürrer.

The Sound of Shopping


Download the slides (pdf, 945KB).

This art project, presented by Christoph Pickl, deals with generating music by given barcodes. The customer should actually be able to listen to an individual piece of music which dependes on the products bought and the current date. The song can afterwards be transformed back -theoretical- to the original barcodes and date.

SoS deals with commerce and consumption criticism. It is not about marketing, because the customer even won't get anything he wants. at the time of generating the music, it is not defined what the output will be like and therefore could not match the customer's musical taste.


  1. The Idea
  2. The Architecture
  3. Generating MIDI with JFugue
  4. Online Demo

Visit for more details.