JUGAT 2010-11-17

Aus Java Student User Group Austria - Java + JVM in Wien Österreich / Vienna Austria
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  • When: am Mittwoch, 17.11.2010 18:30
  • Where: JUGAT, Seminarzentrum Liechtensteinstraße 39-41, 1090 Wien

Mihai Radulescu - "Knowledge In a Wiki"

Mihai has studied engineering on Polytechnic University Bucharest and worked as software developer since 1996 on various projects. In 2008 Mihai joined the Salzburg Research team and had a chance to work on the KiWi project.

KiWi (Knowledge in a Wiki) is an EU-funded project (No 211932) combining the wiki philosophy with methods of the Semantic Web, aiming to develop a new approach to knowledge management. More precisely KiWi-System aims to break the boundaries between social and semantic software(s) in that it serves as a platform for implementing and integrating many different kinds of social software services. And it intends to break information boundaries by allowing users to connect content in new ways that go beyond the level of the user interface, e.g. through semantic annotation. KiWi thus takes the wiki idea to the next level through creating a new kind of social software platform that allows users to share and integrate knowledge more easily, naturally and tightly, and to adapt content and functionalities according to their personal requirements.

Siegfried Goeschl - "Introducing Apache Commons Exec and Commons Email"

Siegfried is an ASF member, CTO of IT20one, independent consultant and co-founder of the Java User Group Austria. He is spezialized in server-side software development, distributed systems and software quality assurance. When he finds enough time he particicipates in various Apache projects such as Turbine, Commons, JSPWiki and Isis.

Commons Exec - Using a simple "Runtime.exec()" in production code won't cut it and might break your application. Using commons-exec shields you from platform-specific exit codes, blocking error streams, run-away child processes, asynchronous process execution and cross-platform issues.

Commons-Email - You just wanted to send an email from within your application and got confused with BodyParts, MimeBodyParts, MimeMultiparts and friends of the Java Mail API?! If yes - have a look at commons-email to see how you can easily create text emails with attachments or HTML emails with embedded images in just a few lines of code.