JUGAT 2010-03-03

Aus Java Student User Group Austria - Java + JVM in Wien Österreich / Vienna Austria
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  • When: am Mittwoch, 03.03.2010 18:30
  • Where: Lixto Software GmbH, TU Wien, Favoritenstrasse 9-11, 1040 Wien, im Seminarraum 184/2 im 3. Stock (blaue Tuere)

Robert Baumgartner and Lixto Development Team, "Lixto Online Market Intelligence"

Robert studied at the University of Vienna and received his PhD in the area of theoretical computer science. Since 2000 he was affiliated with the University of Technology in Vienna, published papers in renowned conferences, worked in several projects and taught several courses at both TU Wien and University of Vienna. His research interests include Information Integration, Web Data Extraction, Web Data Cleaning, XML, Internet Agents, Semantic Web, Web Mashups and logics in AI. Robert has been one of the main contributors in the development of Lixto's extraction language, heads the development team at Lixto and is responsible for the research and development strategy. He is a co-founder of Lixto

We invite you to take a tour through the Lixto products used in creating Online Market Intelligence scenarios. After a brief overview of business cases and a live demo in which a small Web data extraction scenario is created, we address selected design and implementation aspects of the Java-based Lixto tools. On the one hand, we illustrate browser integration, native XPath evaluation, and usage of Eclipse-based technologies in the Lixto Visual Developer. On the other hand, we accentuate the Lixto Server products, highlighting clustering of Glassfish applications, running large scale extraction scenarios exploiting cloud resources in peak load times, and usage of various Java EE technologies

Gerhard Hipfinger, "Apache Wicket"

Gerhard studied at the Technical University of Vienna and co-founded OpenForce where he serves as head of the development team.

Apache Wicket is a lightweight component-based web application framework for the Java programming language conceptually similar to JavaServer Faces and Tapestry. It was originally written by Jonathan Locke in April of 2004 and version 1.4.6 was released January 2010. Apache Wicket is the perfect choice for a Java Developer who believes that JSF is far too complex and mixing JSP, Taglibs and Java code was a bad idea to start with.


Liebe Leute, zuerst noch ein Dankeschoen an Lixto, OpenForce und die Zuhoerer. Als um 18:15 erst ein paar Besucher da waren, habe ich mich ganz weit weg gewuenscht. Ich habe noch ein paar Photos gemacht (und werde das naechste Mal meine Nikon D60 statt einer Kompaktkamera verwenden) siehe Fotos

Liebe Gruesse, Siegfried Goeschl