JUGAT 2009-01-29

Aus Java Student User Group Austria - Java + JVM in Wien Österreich / Vienna Austria
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  • When: 29.01.2009 18:00
  • Where: IBM Oesterreich, IBM Forum, Obere Donaustrasse 95, A-1020 Vienna

Tony Fricko, "Widgetization of the web - and how to take widgets safely into the enterprise"

Download: Kapsch Carrier Com Mashup Center Demo

Anton (Tony) Fricko has worked with IBM since 1971 in several international roles in Europe, joining the UK Hursley Laboratories in 1999. In this role as Program Manager for jStart Emerging Technologies, where he assisted customers all over Europe in the adoption of new technologies, focusing on Web Services, SOA and Autonomic Computing as well as OSS, Ajax and Web 2.0 technologies. Since 2008 Tony has taken on the role to lead the SOA Competence Center in Vienna, Austria.

As most IT shops today experience an extreme shortage of resources, the continuous pressure to deliver new applications is welcoming a new paradigm - situational applications. Quickly developed and easily assembled from existing (SOA) middleware enablement, these applications take advantage of the simplicity of Web 2.0 technologies like blogs and wikis and services from the Internet (like ATOM and RSS). Still, the most dramatic impact is expected from small, composable applications which can be used in a huge variety of scenarios and have penetrated many aspects of the web such leading to a phenomenon termed "widgetization". Taking aspects of the Web 2.0 paradigm into the corporate environment and applying it behind the firewall is however associated with a new set of challenges for the CIO. We will discuss how IBM leverages Web 2.0 technologies to provide a robust development environment for mashups for the enterprise through Lotus Mashup product and describe case studies from early customer implementations.

Michael Chytracek, "SAP as Java Technology Provider?!"

Download: SAP as Java Technology Provider

Michael Chytracek leads the Java Development group at Snap Consulting GmbH. He have more than 20 years software developing experience working with Java since 2002. His professional interests are in the fields of Java EE, model driven software development and open source software, the last years are focused on SAP Java technologies.

SAP in the unusual role as software technology provider. Introducing the SAP Java Platform and it's parts plus the proprietary Frameworks and Tools (as Netweaver Development Infrastructure, Eclipse based Developer Studio, SAP's Software Component Model, WebDynpro). Optionally we can show SAP "Visual Composer" or the upcoming SAP "Galaxy" (as counterpart to "IBM Mashup Center") combining Software parts from the SAP Enterprise Repository.