JUGAT 2002-03-20

Aus Java Student User Group Austria - Java + JVM in Wien Österreich / Vienna Austria
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  • When: 20.03.2002 18:00
  • Where: Compuware Austria, Mariahilferstrasse 37-39, A-1060 Wien

Christian Weber, Kurt Aigner - "J2EE development and testing environment OptimalJ/NuMega Dev Partner"

Compuware will present a new J2EE development and testing environment OptimalJ/NuMega Dev Partner. It is an advanced development environment which simplifies the rapid design, development and testing of J2EE applications. By using best practices J2EE patterns, OptimalJ generates complete, working applications directly from a visual model, using active synchronization to keep both model and code up-to-date during rapid application changes. A built in Webserver and Applicationserver allows to test the application without doing any deployment efforts. Deployment functionality for all major server platforms and databases complete the environment. The integration with NuMega DevPartner allows performance measurements, memory profiles and code coverage directly from the development tool.

Martin Handsteiner - "Toolbox for memory-constrained Java applications"

Martin will present his toolbox for memory-constrained Java applications (e.g. Java applets) such as a MiniXML parser (5K) being three to five time faster than off-the-shelf SAX parser, a remote object server (called MiniCorba) using HTTP tunneling with a fine-grained security model and a ThinJDBC driver acting as proxy for a server-side JDBC driver.